The Lost Souls Rugby Football Club (LSRFC) are committed to providing an environment of inclusion for the promotion and development of the sport of rugby in North Texas.  As a social club, we plan to attend tournaments, friendly matches and community outreach.

We strive to foster a positive environment that encompasses the spirit of rugby and field a competitive team.. The Lost Souls RFC focuses on gay sports but cultivates relationships with other local sports clubs and organizations within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.


President: David Whitehead

Vice President: Todd Hopkins

Treasurer: Caleb Hand

Secretary: Shayne Hernandez

Match Secretary: Donnie Santin

Fundraising: Scott Bonds

Members at Large (Founding Members): Todd Maria, Caleb Hand, Alfonso Tello, Patric Alva


Head Coach: Todd Maria

Forwards’ Coach: Mateo Villareal

Captain: Markham Hawkins


2012 -2013 Patric Alva


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