About the Club

What started as an idea between four friends in 2012 has grown into a fun, challenging, respected team: the Lost Souls Rugby Football Club. But this isn't your typical rugby team. No, it's something much more.

It's a team that is focused on both the social and competitive aspects of the game. But more importantly, it's a brotherhood that stands together, lifting each other up, both on and off the pitch. Rugby may bring them together, but it's the brotherhood that binds them. They support each other; they support their community. And through it all, they are "Unified. Proud. Steadfast."

Mission Statement

The Lost Souls Rugby Football Club (LSRFC) is committed to providing an environment of inclusion for the promotion and development of the sport of rugby within North Texas. As a social club, we plan to play friendly matches, attend regional and international tournaments, and participate in community outreach.

Members of the Lost Souls adhere to the following core values:
- Respect for our rugby brothers as individuals;
- Commitment to sportsmanship, honor, and the traditions of rugby; and
- Commitment to our community beneficiaries.

The Lost Souls have a diverse player mix, with players from many different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and skills mixes. We welcome new and experienced players to come out and be a part of something fun, unique, and challenging.


President: Todd M.
Vice-president: Shayne H.
Secretary: Glenn B.
Treasurer: Caleb H.
Fundraising: Dave J.
Community outreach: Todd M.

Members at large (founders): Todd M., Caleb H., AJ T., Patric A.

Coaching Staff

Head coach (certified): Todd M. (aka Shotsy/Bruises McGee)
Assistant coach: Robb L.
Captain: Adam C.

2017-2018 Beneficiaries

Dallas Resource Center Food Pantry
Mi Escuelita Preschool
Legacy Counseling
Adelfa Botello Cajello Elementary

Rugby Schedule

No Events Scheduled

Upcoming Matches
Bingham Cup
Ottawa, Canada
Aug 2022

All events are open to the public.